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DOWNLOAD The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (Complete) | Chinese Drama

DOWNLOAD The Glamorous Imperial Concubine (Complete) | Chinese Drama

Ma Fuya is a princess of the Chu state in 10th-century imperial China during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. In this time of warring kingdoms and political upheaval, Fuya’s uncle usurps the throne and brutally kills her father. Ma Fuya is left an orphan, and she escapes with the help of a eunuch. She also falls in love with Meng Qiyou, the Prince of Later Shu. He instead uses her as a political tool, and he brings her back into his kingdom. Many of his brothers are attracted to her, such as Meng Qixing and Meng Qiyun. Due to her resemblance as Meng Qiyun’s mother, the Emperor also falls in love with her. Ma Fuya is forced to marry the Emperor, but the procession is interrupted by Liu Liancheng.

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