Princess Agents (Complete) | Chinese Drama

Princess Agents (Complete) | Chinese Drama

Princess Agents C Drama

The story takes place during the chaotic times of Northern Wei, where innocent citizens are often kidnapped and turned into slaves. Slave girl, Chu Qiao (Zanilia Zhao) is thrown into a forest along with other slaves and becomes the next hunting target for the rich lords. She is saved by the Prince of Northern Yan, Yan Xun (Shawn Dou). Afterwards, she is brought into a powerful family of Yuwen and witnesses their bloody power struggle. Seeing this, she swears to take her younger sister and flee from the situation. However, she catches the attention of Yuwen Yue (Kenny Lin) and undergoes strict training while building a sense of companionship with Yan Xun. Unfortunately, Western Wei goes into battle and Yan Xun’s family is slaughtered. After that incident, Yan Xun grows ambitious and cruel to avenge for the things and the people he lost. He doubts Chu Qiao and takes advantages of her loyalty and love many times, disregarding their relationship as well as the sacrifices he will have to make for power. Disappointed with the man she once loved, Chu Qiao eventually breaks off her relationship with Yan Xun and chooses to fight with Yuwen Yue, destroying Yan Xun’s plans of vengeance. She eventually convinces Yuwen Yue to free the country from slavery, becoming a successful military strategist/female general in the people’s hearts. —Wikipedia

Release Date: June 5, 2017 (China)

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