North East Police Story 2 (2023) [Chinese]

DOWNLOAD North East Police Story 2 (2023) [Chinese]

The film is the prequel of “Northeast Police Story”. It tells the story of Li Hongqi (played by Xie Miao), a small policeman in Northeast China who is jealous and vengeful. During a blind date, he accidentally discovered the existence of local pornographic bullies. The gang of local snake bullies surfaced and openly provoked the police, and he never thought that his best brother would also be involved… Facing innocent women victims and a group of criminals who are not as good as beasts, Li Hongqi decided to fight to the end. This “yellow cancer” is bound to be eradicated.

Genre: Action, Crime
Rating: 8
Directed by: Yang Bing Jia
Starring: Cathy Zhou, Jiang Yi Xuan, Liu Chao, Liu Feng Chao, Xie Miao, Xing Han Qing, Zhang Hao Sen, Zhang Li

Video: MKV
Audio: Chinese
Runtime: 1h 30m
Subtitles: English [Hardcoded]




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